Quick Air Filled Stair Railing Decoration

2013-03-23_08-33-31_115It is 10:00 a.m. and the party starts at 2:00 pm. I spent most of the morning cleaning and getting ready for my son’s family birthday party. The house is clean and it is time to start inflating balloons and decorating. Decor is never easy for me, unless I sit down and plan all the details. That rarely happens when it comes to personal events. If it is a customer, I plan, purchase, and master all that is needed weeks and days before the build. Today, it is all about creativity!

I live in a two story house and would really like to decorate the stair railing, but both helium tanks are empty, plus it is only 36 degrees in the garage and I am not working out there this morning. Therefore, helium is definitely out of the question.

Hmm, what do I do? Then it hits me. Twisted poles with 11-inch happy birthday balloons attached to the top. Within minutes, I have the three air columns with a balloon on top decorating the stair rail.

The design is quick and effective. The balloons vertical height gave the entrance way a grand feeling and added colors. I did not have to worry about balloons getting tangled or blowing around each time the door was opened. I am not sure if this is a new design, but I found it very effective for decorating a staircase when you are looking for an alternative to helium-filled balloons.

I interlocked the 260-balloons around the banister and twisted into a spiral.  The tops of the spiral ended with a couple of  pinch twists and an 11-inch happy birthday balloon.












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