Better Branding and More Money When Not Called ‘Balloon Artist’

Welcome to today’s discussion on the crucial topic of avoiding generic branding in the entertainment industry, particularly for balloon artists, magicians, and face painters. This post will delve into the significance of establishing a distinctive brand identity and explore strategies to prevent being labeled as generic performers. Each morning, my inbox gets flooded with Google … Read more

Being Committed – Come Join Me!

Dale Obrochta and a balloon princess

I started writing Dale’s blog to challenge myself to constantly create new material. It did not matter if it was with balloons, videos, or writing. The goal was to keep the creative juices flowing. Several years later, I committed to writing every other day. It has been challenging coming home after entertaining or being out … Read more

Books Shape The Mind Like I Twist A Balloon

Resistance is futile, I will shape it A writer’s ideas bend, contort, and transform concepts and beliefs before my eyes. I stand before an audience transforming the ordinary balloon into the extraordinary. A balloon may resist me, but I will prevail and transform it into a doll. My brain resists new ideas that the author … Read more