5 Important Reasons Why Entertainers Must Have A LinkedIn Company Page

5 Important Reasons Why Entertainers Must Have A LinkedIn Company Page Banner

This article shows the benefits of having a business LinkedIn profile and examples of using a LinkedIn company page to expand your entertainment business. Expands and enhanses social footprint Employees become company ambassadors Promote important news Branding your coproate mission statement Established your business as a professional entertainment service Exapnds Social Media Footprint Entertainers push … Read more

4 Warning Signs To Look For – TheTip Will Be Small


Imagine you are entertaining at a restaurant. You see five kids waiting for you. A mom pulls out a handful of singles, and each child is given one dollar.  Does this affect or change your entertainment style? Ten one dollar parent happened to me the other day, and I noticed my entertainment style changed. I normally upsell … Read more

Advice on How to Get on an Agent’s Website

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It’s not easy, but it is possible. Gaining a spot on an agent’s website isn’t an easy feat. Over three decades, I’ve learned that securing a place on their prime real estate website requires offering something they truly want or need. Getting on a list is a breeze; every agent maintains one. You’ll know you’re … Read more

Entertainer’s Love For Career Fuels Her Marketing

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I joke with clients all the time; “After this gig, I am unemployed again.” Unlike the people with 9-5 jobs, entrepreneurs are constantly networking, marketing, and seeking work. In a LinkedIn group, Valerie Gillies shared how a friend witnessed Valerie marketing her business while shopping. I use my unique profession to smile at people. When I … Read more

The Overlook Opportunity

Life just happens and if you are in tune with your environment, you know what is going on in your community. Yet, everyone is “in tune”, but watching a different TV channel. I am 47 years old and Sprout, Sponge Bob, and Disney Channel are on the TV 90% of the time. In simple terms, … Read more

6 Tips to Putting a Monetary Value on Free

Free Entertainment does not have to be FREE I, like many people, look at sales papers, and periodically I stumble on the word free. It is a simple little word that many charitable organizations toss around. Some people presume that just because you offer something, free everyone should take it. With that logic, you would … Read more

Facebook Marketing

I Want A Video Game It may seem wacky for me to be ranting about not having a video game, but the truth is when you’re trying to market something, you have to look at all the angles.  First, I need to tie in my career – Comedic Balloon Entertaining with some wacky topic that … Read more

I want to be a Balloon Entertainer

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How to Become a Balloon Entertainer Sitting in my inbox was a letter asking for help on how one gets started entertaining. “By that, I mean, get a gig at a library or a walk-a-round entertainer.  What do you do/say to get started?” signed Silver Sister. Many entertainers start by working with other established entertainers, … Read more

Closing the Sale with Email Thank You

It amazes me how many people just do not follow through on a phone call. They have the client’s full attention and try to rush through the call and just tell them what they are and what they provide and that is it.  No follow up to the call – talk to any professional sales … Read more

Advertsing Tips to Increase Sales Part Two

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Since I screwed up and didn’t follow my advice and schedule time to send in my articles, I decided to send two articles today. They will both be further advice on advertising. Part 2 Make an irresistible offer. This is a way to create a first contact with potential clients. Offer them a deal that … Read more