Twisting Balloons in the Bitter Cold

Balloon artist Dale Obrochta - dressed to entertain people at a winter festival

For decades, the talk among balloon entertainers has always been about how to twist a balloon in extreme heat. Yet few conversations talk about twisting balloons in extreme cold. This past weekend I had the opportunity to twist balloons in 36-degree temperatures, with winds between 10-20, with the occasional gusts to 30, miles per hour. … Read more

Stupid Things People Say

Picture of Dale Obrochta balloon entertaining

“You should let my 2-year-old go first,” bellows a woman standing behind the teenagers.  The four teenage girls had no idea what the woman was complaining about; they too stood in line.  “Ma’am, this is kid’s day, and they, like you, paid to get in and are entitled to balloons.”  I could see my logic … Read more

Refueled for 2012

I restock and take inventory of my balloon apron after every show. This assures I have what I need for the next show. I review what the most requested design was and what caused the surge of requests?  Each year I do the same with my business.   I evaluate what I did last year and … Read more

I want to be a Balloon Entertainer

Balloon Entertaining

How to Become a Balloon Entertainer Sitting in my inbox was a letter asking for help on how one gets started entertaining. “By that, I mean, get a gig at a library or a walk-a-round entertainer.  What do you do/say to get started?” signed Silver Sister. Many entertainers start by working with other established entertainers, … Read more

Entertaining for a Breast Cancer Awareness

Balloon I Love Boobies Breast Cancer

Over the past couple of months, I have seen young ladies wearing rubber band bracelets with the slogan on them saying, “I love boobies.” Apparently, it is a bracelet to show support for the Breast Cancer Society. This month I’m in negations to entertain at an exhibitors reception with an association raising money for the  … Read more

This is my Life’s Work

Americas got talent

A world class juggler was scheduled to perform at convention. At this particular convention he was doing Q&A secession and a show later that evening. While at a Q&A session, a novice juggler asked the question – “I’m a big admirer of you work and respect your talents, but will you be doing any new … Read more

Developing and Designing Balloon Animals

It was a quiet day at the restaurant where I performed comedic balloon entertainment, so I used the slow evening to create this fire-breathing Dragon.  A little girl was watching, and when I was done, guess who got it? Here is a side view of the Dragon.  It is never easy to take a picture … Read more

It not Child Abuse, its Entertainment

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

It was a busy Wednesday night at Aurelio’s pizza in Griffith Indiana.  I was circulating the dining room entertaining the local families with balloon animals when I came upon a family of four.  The mom was correcting her child for his overzealous behavior of antagonizing his sister.  I walked over to the table to see … Read more

OMG, Make up your Mind and Pick Something

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

It never fails, during a marathon of line twisting, just me, my balloons, and what seems to be 1,000 kids with semi-patient parents all waiting for a balloon animal; I will get a well groomed child who when ask what they want, will give me the dreaded blank stare. Their eyes glaze over with a … Read more