Advice on How to Get on an Agent’s Website

It’s not easy, but it is possible.

Gaining a spot on an agent’s website isn’t an easy feat. Over three decades, I’ve learned that securing a place on their prime real estate website requires offering something they truly want or need.

Getting on a list is a breeze; every agent maintains one. You’ll know you’re on the list when friends ask, “Did so-and-so contact you about that gig?” The agent isn’t marketing an act; they’re offering a service, eager to slot in anyone with talent. Your background and experience don’t matter—they just need someone to fill a spot.

I’ve collaborated closely with world-class entertainers whose agents seamlessly booked them for gigs. The client often remains unaware of the entertainer’s remarkable career achievements; all they perceive is a skilled juggler in front of them.

Being featured on an agent’s webpage brings a distinct change. Agents are marketing a service or act, and the list is concise—typically, only 2-3 names are showcased. Effective marketing materials, strong branding, and impressive skills are prerequisites. Agents won’t allocate valuable marketing space to acts that don’t meet their stringent standards or align with their target markets.

Avoid confusing professional agencies with individuals who merely “call themselves” agents. True professional agents aren’t performers; they’re salespeople dedicated to selling acts. Working with my agents never poses a conflict of interest since their primary role is to sell my act, while my responsibility is to enhance their reputation.

Things you need to do to be listed on an agent’s website

  • CrosshairsProvide high-quality marketing material
  • Have a niche, or unusual act
  • Get lucky – Agents are not web designers and don’t just toss up a new act
  • Develop a track record
  • Make personal connections

Professional agents are responsible for maintaining a sterling reputation with their clients and must trust entertainers before marketing them. Personally, I’ve cultivated relationships with agents over the years before making it onto their shortlist and, eventually, onto their website. Building this trust is a time-consuming process, emphasizing the understanding that this is more than a hobby; it’s a dedicated career.

Advice on How to Get on an Agent's Website
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Advice on How to Get on an Agent's Website
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  1. The best statement: “Professional agents are not performers; they are sales people who sell acts”. Too many “performer agents” are only looking for someone to take jobs they are already booked for or are too small to bother with. True agents work to sell their client’s services. It’s not easy to get in with a good agent but it can be well worth the effort. Thanks for the article.

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