Warning! Are You Sabotaging Your Wealth?

As an entertainer, I aspire to add significant value to events that justifies my pricing. However, I have found myself being replaced by other entertainers. This change wasn’t due to any lack of professionalism on my part. My pricing was not substantially higher than the company that replaced me, nor was I unavailable for the client’s event. Yet I was replaced.

In professional sports, team owners are business professionals who analyze their products – the players. Characteristics such as experience, skills, leadership, and cost are all determining factors influencing whether they retain a player or opt to release them, choosing a new talent to fill the position.

It comes down to one crucial factor: are they aware of a talented player who can replicate everything they already possess but at a more affordable cost? I was grappling with this dilemma: managers seeking to reduce costs while maintaining the same level of talent value.

We’ve all witnessed talented entertainers who rival some of the best local veteran talents, yet they charge only half the rate. It is these individuals who end up replacing seasoned entertainers at gigs.

Entertainment agents depend on these individuals to secure work for the agency, as they can offer lower-price entertainers while guaranteeing excellent talent for the client.

Talented individuals must recognize their skill level and refrain from accepting lower rates as an industry standard. Things only change when people break away from their agents and realize the actual value of their skills. Unlike a professional sports agent, whose goal is to secure the highest pay for their client, an entertainment agent strives to enlist talent to work within the budget set by the client.

Shared Responsibilities: Assessing the Entertainer-Agent Dynamic

I cannot solely blame the entertainment agent; the entertainer shares the responsibility. Many of these individuals refuse to engage in marketing or put in the legwork to secure their clients. The entertainers choose the path that involves less responsibility and effort and prefer to show up, do the job, and accept whatever pay is offered. However, I find it hard to sympathize with their complaints about low pay and bad environment, given that they have agreed to work at that level.

Cheaper Price Doesn’t Mean They Want You

I’ve learned that being more affordable is not always what a client seeks. When dealing with a committee that has allocated $5,000 for a show, the last thing they want is somebody pitching a $500 to $1,000 act, as the client expects a performance worth $5,000. This is why highly talented, affordable entertainers often don’t secure high-paying gigs. It only happens when the client needs to cut costs and actively seeks more budget-friendly talent.

In every industry, there is typically a starting position, and as individuals progress within a company, they are often rewarded with increased responsibilities and higher pay. However, this progress is lacking in the entertainment industry. Traits such as loyalty, exceptional service, skill, and a willingness to accommodate client needs are commonly viewed as inherent aspects of the job, with only a few entertainers being adequately rewarded for possessing these qualities. Instead, their compensation frequently involves being asked to perform the same gig the following year for the same pay.

Enhancing Entertainer Benefits: A Comprehensive Approach to Recognition and Support

  1. Pay Increase – Like any reputable company, recognizes the value of experience by offering higher compensation based on years worked. Veteran entertainers, with their seasoned expertise, should receive commensurate financial acknowledgment.
  2. Better Gigs – Rewarding exceptional performance with more favorable gigs is a great way to motivate entertainers. Assigning enjoyable events, easily accessible locations, or those with excellent accommodations can serve as incentives. For instance, scheduling an entertainer for two private birthday parties versus three hours of balloon twisting in sweltering festival heat is a notable perk.
  3. Paying for Parking – Acknowledge the legitimacy of parking expenses by covering them as an added perk for employees. This small gesture demonstrates consideration for the practicalities of working with our company.
  4. Lunch – Recognize that extended gigs incur additional expenses, including meals. Providing nourishment for staff working longer than three hours is a thoughtful perk, showing appreciation for their dedication.
  5. Cater to Your Entertainer’s Needs – Enhance the working environment by addressing the specific needs of entertainers. During contract negotiations with clients, advocate for necessary support equipment such as chairs, drinks, or food. A company catering to its guests and employees fosters a positive atmosphere.
  6. Raise Your Rates Accordingly – To ensure the sustainability of our business and the well-being of our staff, it’s essential to adjust our pricing periodically. Outdated rates, just like a business model, can impede growth and hinder employee satisfaction.
  7. Work Orders – Cultivate a positive rapport with entertainers by providing detailed written instructions in work orders. Include essential information such as what services are required, who the key contacts are, the event’s location, timing, and any other pertinent details necessary for the entertainer to perform their job effectively.

Cultivating Trust and Loyalty: Building Solid Relationships with Directly Engaged Talents

In business, we assess an employee’s contribution based on their work. Annually, we must furnish independent contractors with a 1099 detailing how much they have contributed. The greater the reliance on an individual, the more frequently they are called upon for work. The 1099 itself signals the importance of offering perks to maintain the contractor’s satisfaction. Otherwise, they may leave, finding someone else willing to appreciate their skills at a higher rate.

We can only control so much in life, but it’s essential to exert influence where possible. A good entertainer recognizes their value to your clients and entertainment agents. Entertainers must refuse to settle for a subpar relationship.

Entertainment agents should create a conducive environment that encourages talents to collaborate with them. To accomplish this, they must demonstrate a genuine appreciation for entertainers’ value to their company.

I am blessed as the talents I directly work with never question my events. They understand that I strive to compensate them to the best of my ability, furnish all necessary details for their success, and cultivate a relationship grounded in respect, trust, and loyalty. Establishing this working relationship ensures they welcome collaboration when I extend an opportunity.

Empowering Entertainers: A Call for Industry Transformation

In conclusion, the entertainment industry’s landscape is undeniably complex, where the balance between cost and talent often takes center stage. The theme of being replaceable at a cheaper rate underscores a broader issue that prompts entertainers and agents to reassess their roles and values.

As we navigate these challenges, let’s remember that true transformation begins with recognizing and valuing the unique contributions of each entertainer. By acknowledging their worth and fostering an environment of mutual respect, we can reshape industry norms and pave the way for a more equitable and fulfilling collaboration.

Empowerment lies in asserting one’s value and advocating for a comprehensive approach to recognition and support. From fair compensation and better gig opportunities to addressing specific needs during negotiations, these actions contribute to a thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

Ultimately, entertainers must refuse to settle for less, and agents must actively champion the inherent value of their talent. Together, we can build an industry that celebrates the artistry, dedication, and unique skills that entertainers bring to the table, ensuring a future where success is measured not just by cost but by the genuine impact and satisfaction of all collaborators.

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Warning! Are You Sabotaging Your Wealth?
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Warning! Are You Sabotaging Your Wealth?
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