Warning! Are You Sabotaging Your Wealth?

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As an entertainer, I aspire to add significant value to events that justifies my pricing. However, I have found myself being replaced by other entertainers. This change wasn’t due to any lack of professionalism on my part. My pricing was not substantially higher than the company that replaced me, nor was I unavailable for the … Read more

Advice on How to Get on an Agent’s Website

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It’s not easy, but it is possible. Gaining a spot on an agent’s website isn’t an easy feat. Over three decades, I’ve learned that securing a place on their prime real estate website requires offering something they truly want or need. Getting on a list is a breeze; every agent maintains one. You’ll know you’re … Read more

The Cattle Call

Make you feel like a real time entertainer Entertainers like sitting around and  having the phone ring with hungry customers starving for their entertainment.  Sometimes an email blast, Facebook posting, or a well timed tweet will get a client to contact you.  Other times you are stuffing fliers in envelopes and making mailings.  Periodically an … Read more