The Overlook Opportunity

Life just happens and if you are in tune with your environment, you know what is going on in your community. Yet, everyone is “in tune”, but watching a different TV channel. I am 47 years old and Sprout, Sponge Bob, and Disney Channel are on the TV 90% of the time. In simple terms, I have young children in the house. You may have older kids, teenagers, or grand children so even though we walk on God’s green earth we walk at a different pace.


My boys are approaching the age where Park District activities are becoming a blip on our parent radar. Behold an event that has eluded me for years. I have known about them, entertained at some, but never put them on my marketing schedule. Mommy/Daddy Dances are great opportunities for balloon entertainers and decorators. These events happen in the beginning of the year when things are slow. What better time for entertainers to crank up their marketing machine and start pitching to a Park District.

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing, but if you are reading this now, spend the dime, pick up the phone, and call a couple Park Districts. You may get lucky, but most Park Districts have their dance booked. The secret is doing the research now and get all the contact information. Then make a mailing right after their event. This way your marketing information can be filed for next year. Lastly, write on your calendars for November to send out marking material for Mommy/Daddy Dances. Little marketing now, more later, book it for next year and you will not miss an overlooked opportunity for next year.

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