Paranoia Keeps Me Professional


Before closing my trunk, I transform into a TSA agent and visually scan my trunk for keys, followed by a pat down just to verify that they are in my pocket. It reminds me of a smoker looking for their lighter. Once I finish slapping myself silly, I slam the car trunk closed. As I … Read more

The Overlook Opportunity

Life just happens and if you are in tune with your environment, you know what is going on in your community. Yet, everyone is “in tune”, but watching a different TV channel. I am 47 years old and Sprout, Sponge Bob, and Disney Channel are on the TV 90% of the time. In simple terms, … Read more

Entertaining is like Golf

If you like golfing, then you should love performing on stage Golf is both exhilarating and frustrating with every swing of the golf club.  The same is true with entertaining on stage.  In golf, every course is different, just like every entertaining venue. Every show challenges you to be perfect, similar to strategic layout of … Read more

The Best Show Ever


I know what I’m gonna do today. The venue is perfect, the temperature is just right; the audience reaction is like it’s been rehearsed, every joke receives a laugh.  The chosen participate not only is cooperative, but provides ample reactions and responses that allows for comedic creativity to run rampant.  Everything you do in the … Read more