Entertainer’s Love For Career Fuels Her Marketing

Business Card

I joke with clients all the time; “After this gig, I am unemployed again.” Unlike the people with 9-5 jobs, entrepreneurs are constantly networking, marketing, and seeking work.

In a LinkedIn group, Valerie Gillies shared how a friend witnessed Valerie marketing her business while shopping.

I use my unique profession to smile at people. When I am out running errands or even just socializing, it is easy to work in a positive career of clowning into the mix. When shopping, I say to the cashier, “You have made a clown very happy today.” and give them my card.

The cashier smiles, and occasionally it gets me a gig.  I know the card generates a discussion at least for a day. Fellow employees and family will hear the story of the clown at the cash register. I tell them, “The card is proof that they have talked to a real clown today.”

Valerie’s marketing practices are now second nature, and her girlfriend figured she did this three times an hour when running local errands.

When you love your career, being unemployed does not scare you. It drives you to seek out the work.  Fuel the craving. Pass out business cards.

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