Handout Those Cards!

Entertainers Tip 5
October 11, 2002,

When I graduated from college, I started my own computer consulting company, DEO Consulting, Inc. Like any new businessperson, I went out and had business cards produced. five hundred cards to start.

When I meet a new business associate, I would hand them a card. My father an old-time salesman would look at me and say, “What are you saving those cards for? Give them a couple!”

“Hey dad, these cards cost me money. I can’t give them away to just anybody.”

“What?” he inquired, “How do you think your business is going to grow?”“Word of mouth,” I told him confidently.
My father looked at me and asked “Wouldn’t it be better if they could pass on a business card? That’s called Business Card Networking.” Then what he was saying hit me, “Don’t just give out one card, but a couple of cards.”Now, I hand out two or three cards at once and I tell the person, “Here’s my card, and I have given you extra cards for a friend or just to put your gum in it later.” (networking through the business card)The customer usually laughs and follows up with, “I have a friend who is having an event; I’ll pass your card on.”

Now, my only problem is keeping enough business cards on me. Business Card Networking is about passing your cards out, not saving them. Make sure you give them to anybody who shows interest and keeps them on hand! You will meet some of your best contacts outside of work, so put them in your car, wallet, handbag, or give extras to a spouse. They too will meet people and can Business Card Network for you.

Always keep your cards close by and hand them out in twos and threes for effective Business Card Networking.

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