Balloon Animals Misrepresent Balloon Entertainers

When I look at balloon entertainers websites, they are misleading. Visible to the eyes are brightly colored photographs of balloon pictures with multiple balloons. They do not make balloon animals they make balloons animals. In fact, an array of balloons are used in the creation of a single balloon figure.

Now, there are groups of entertainers who make balloon animals. These people use one balloon, hence the word balloon, singular and makes many different animals. Animals being plural. So if you hire this person you get an entire zoo just made out of one balloon.

I am a multiple balloon entertainer, I use multiple balloons to make one figure and I make many animals. Therefore, I am really a balloons animals maker.

I know English is a fickle language. We have words like, two, to, and too and knowing which one to use takes skill and understanding of the language. Foreign languages are just as tricky.

After college, I took a business Spanish class and I quickly learned that a Taco Grande and Grande Taco mean to different things.

Logic tells me that balloons animals will never make it past the grammar police so the industry needs to improve its marketing just like the balloons we make. No longer are we balloon animal makers, but we produce multiple-balloon animals. We ARE the generation of multiple-balloon animals and not our grandfathers generation of one-balloon animals.

3 thoughts on “Balloon Animals Misrepresent Balloon Entertainers”

  1. You missed a whole other dimension of how the term “Balloon Animals” fails to represent what we do as Balloon Entertainers. The last time I checked, flowers, swords, hats, superheros and candy canes are not animals. Half of the balloon creations that I make, either with one or more than one balloon would not qualify as an animal.

  2. yeah, words are purposefully misspelled for marketing purposes, such as spelling doughnut into donut because less letters in a word is cheaper for ads. so, “Balloon Animals” is probably just a description of the artform, which means that such art is created from balloons into various animals.

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