Balloon Entertainmer Needs A Drone Army

Dale-Gong-Through-Frame-0rg-AirbrushSame old desire nothing has changed nothing is the same, just to be the best at what I do. Pouring my soul into a career is easy. Extract a life is difficult. The drive and determination to push forward is constant.

I lack the drone army to push though the daily bullshit of business. The army that day in and day out goal is to shuffle paper and look at details that in the big picture is non-important, yet this datum is what decisions are based on.

The drone army gathers data, analysis it, and with a click of a finger send strategically guide marketing missiles at targets.

Fiction and reality collide together and the terminator must be me. The dreams, desires, and wants I have are only achieved by me moving forward. And that is what I am doing.

In the following weeks, I will be launching two new projects, 1) a new website marketing my corporate entertainment and 2) a training program for balloon entertainers. Since I have not achieved my full desires with each of these projects I will keep it close to the vest on what I say. All I know is it would be easier with a drone army pushing through these projects.


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