500 – It is Only a Number

Years ago, when I started selling balloons, I would receive calls from people trying to buy 1,000 balloons.  They wanted special quantity pricing, and I would have to tell them, “1,000 balloons are only seven bags”, 144 balloons in a bag.  To a distributor, seven bags or 1,008 balloons is nothing. It’s not even a case. Manufacture produces balloons in the millions and gives discounts accordingly.

My 500th blog post, in the big scope, is nothing compared to Seth Godin, who blogs every day and has done so for years. Some teenagers can text 500 messages in one day. Five hundred dollars an hour is a nice hourly income unless you are Oprah, which in her case in 2012, her income was $165 million, 56.5K an hour.

I considered doing a snazzy post containing 500 words, but who counts words nowadays? We count characters. Therefore, it boils down to perspective. Is 500 a considerable number to you?

If 500 people on Facebook would like or share this post, that would be cool.  But, getting 500 shares is like the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.

I never thought that I would have enough stuff to post,  let alone followers support me to keep posting.  I appreciate it!

Your comments make me laugh,  inspire me, encourage me, and just downright make me HAPPY! This blog has given me an outlet for my creative works, quirky attitude, rants, and hardships.

For me, it is a milestone.  I hope you enjoyed them and continued reading, sharing, laughing, and learning for the next 500 posts.

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