Downturn in Entertainment at Ball Parks

Online Advertises Seeks Free Entertainers, an online directory for entertainers, has secured the right to be the “Official Entertainment Company” for a minor league baseball team; in exchange for this will be providing free entertainment to the ballpark.

For several years, the baseball team contracted with an entertainment agency but dropped the Agency because they felt that the “free entertainment” deal in exchange for giving away a title was best in their interest, and must have thought it would be a good marketing tool.

For the face painters and other entertainers, this was a raw deal.  Not only did their Agent lose a client, but is asking its paid advertisers (entertainers) to work the game for free.  Oh, you can pass out your business cards all you want, but sorry, no pay.

Chicago White Sox Reduces Rates & Increases Hours

From managers to entertainers, the Chicago White Sox are changing their looks.  This year to save money, they have asked their entertainment staff to increase hours and reduce their rates.  In prior years, the entertainment contract was set hours.  Last year, management reduced hours by 30-minutes, but according to management, fans were upset and wanted more entertainment longer.

Management decided to hire entertainers for the entire length of the game, rain delays and all. Contracts were rebid, and the goal was to seek the lowest bid.  Talking with an agent who secured a contract, they pay 25-35% less and have increased the time by 1.5 – four hours.   This is great for the Chicago White Sox baseball but terrible for local entertainers.

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