Mouth Inflating

I’m giving part of me away in the balloon animal

Finger People – Inflating a Twisting Balloon

The images travel around the internet, people sharing and emailing them to friends, families, and colleagues.  Business people see these funny little pictures and wonder how they can make something that goes viral?  Going viral is something that you cannot produce. It just happens—kind of like those finger images. Faces drawn on fingers, some are buddies, others are being held hostage.

Well, I created my own, which I call Inflating a Twisting Balloon.  It is just a balloon guy, mouth inflation a twisting balloon.

This made me start to ponder a statement a friend of mine says. “With every breath, I’m giving part of me away in the balloon animal.” Hmm…. If exhaling into a balloon, a speck of saliva is expelled into the balloon. You can say part of the DNA of the balloon entertainer is floating around inside the balloon.  Now, if I was an evil scientist working for diabolical balloon manufacture, take all those mouth-inflated balloons and, through genetic cloning, produce an army of balloon twisters.

Let’s say, on average, a balloon entertainer spends 10 hours a week entertaining, making 15 balloons an hour. They use 3.75 balloons per creation, which would calculate 562.5 balloons a week. This can be a modest number for some weekends. In one year, you would have 29,250 inflated balloons. So in this bizarre hypothesis, the balloon entertainer has spread their DNA to the point that it reached 292,500 balloons in ten years, which would exceed the population of Madison, WI. OR you can give one balloon to every man, woman, a child in Madison, WI, and still have some leftovers. But I digress. All I want to do is show off my idea of Inflating a Twisting Balloon drawn on fingers.  Enjoy the day.

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