OMG Thanksgiving First, Please!

Turkey in Bunny outfit

When November ends, should Easter decorations appear?

Every year stores push Christmas earlier and earlier. Decorations are up minutes before Halloween ends. But what about Thanksgiving, you know, the holiday when families get together and share a meal?

I log on to Facebook to see what other entertainers are doing and what do I see…Christmas balloon figures.  What happened to the creativity, the spontaneity of creating balloon figures? 

Is it just easier to skip Thanksgiving and go to Christmas, which has many balloon designs? Or are entertainers looking at Thanksgiving as a non-marketing event and going the way of major department stores and soliciting for Christmas Parties?

99% of my Christmas parties are booked way before Halloween. Most companies are thinking about Holiday parties months before, so if you’re trying to show off your skills for the next party, turn the calendar page and see what’s happening in three months.  Organizers are planning next year’s events now.

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