Pumpkin’s before Turkey’s

Did somebody say Turekey?

Heads may roll this Halloween night As spring gives way to summer, summer fades into the colors of fall, so too does Halloween pass to the next major holiday Thanksgiving. The blood and gore give way to sweet family values and weekend football. Sugary treats are replaced with comforting apple and pumpkin pie. Candy corn … Read more

Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth


You have been twisting balloons for several hours, you have to pee like a racehorse and you keep getting that one child who keeps coming back asking for more. You wish the child would hold on to their horses, but each time the balloon request is more difficult than the first time. They’re getting it … Read more

Entertaining is like Golf

If you like golfing, then you should love performing on stage Golf is both exhilarating and frustrating with every swing of the golf club.  The same is true with entertaining on stage.  In golf, every course is different, just like every entertaining venue. Every show challenges you to be perfect, similar to strategic layout of … Read more

Kid’s Events will be Decreasing in 2012

Birth rate is dropping and so to is the need for kids entertainment and decorations. Have you notice a decline in your 1st birthday party business?  Since 2007 the national birth rate for the USA has be declining. Economic, decline of baby-boomers, and the ever increasing cost of raising a child are factoring into the … Read more

XII Moscow International Balloons Festival

Long gone are the days of simple one balloon animals. Balloon artists are literally stretching the boundaries of balloons twisting. The world of balloon art has developed over the years and with each year new techniques and competitions develop that just blows a persons mind away.  Balloon decorators have been building big elaborate balloon sculptures … Read more

September is Internation Balloon Month – Feel the Breeze!

September Internatinal Balloon Month - Balloon Politician

Wow, it starts in September with the politicians making promises and boasting about their accomplishments – do you feel the wind.  Imagine if we could harness all that hot air and put in to a balloon.  Balloon Artists around the world would not need a balloon pump, but could recycle the hot air being spewed … Read more

Entertainer’s make more Money by Learning

Robbie Furman

There is not a single entertainer who can master their art without being taught by somebody.  Yes, there are gifted individuals that seem to pull ideas out of thin air, but still they need guidance. Raw talent alone is not enough to make it in the world of entertainment. This month is an opportunity to … Read more

The Bride & Groom

Balloon Bride and Groom

A Bride and Groom Balloon Centerpiece for a Wedding Reception When it rains it pours and that runs true when I have to build a balloon sculpture.  It never fails that on the busiest week somebody will order a balloon centerpiece. Just finding the time to build, deliver and insure the balloon arrives in one … Read more

I’m in the Newspaper… Again

Who really care’s if you’re in the newspaper? I was watching an entertainer’s promo video and in the middle of the video were pictures from newspapers that he appeared in.  I thought to myself, “Hasn’t every entertainer been in the newspaper?”  What is so special about that?  I guess it’s special for the entertainer, but … Read more

Why are my Balloons Wrinkled?

Brand new 260Q twisting balloon, direct from the manufacturer, are all wrinkled. What’s up with that? When you buy latex balloons, you never expect them to be wrinkled up like a used 1-dollar bill.  If you try to wrinkle a balloon, you cannot do it.  So why is it that now and then you get … Read more