Worlds Smallest Balloon Animal

Cute Little Teddy Bear

Theodore Roosevelt Teddy Bear

Every balloon entertainer has experience making a teddy bear, and I have done thousands of them over my career.  After a time, I can craft a teddy bear so that all dimensions are perfect in size and the details are a speck on.

The world’s smallest balloon teddy bear came about as I was working on a viral video and thought, what I could do to show off my craft and draw attention to balloon entertaining.  This was one of my ideas to create the smallest perfectly crafted teddy bear.

The bear I made is the size of two US quarters standing edge-to-edge.  In the video, you can see it is the size of a watch face.

The teddy bear became popular after Unites States President Theodore Roosevelt refused to kill a baby black bear cub on a hunting expedition back in the 1900s.  A newspaper heard of this and ran a political cartoon, and thus the Teddy Bear was born.

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