How To Praise Your Work, Without Boasting

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My youngest son kept bugging me,” When are you going to get a haircut?” My hair had grown to that stage where hair cowlicks would make the hair flow in all directions. With the holidays rapidly approaching, I decided it was time for a haircut. “Now that’s a good haircut. Your hair came out great … Read more

Restaurant Performing, Some Tips on Tips!


I have been performing with balloons in restaurants now for just shy of a decade. In my experience, I have learned a few do’s and MANY don’ts in what seems to work best in increasing my tip income. I have found six main categories that seem to influence an audience’s willingness to empty the coin … Read more

Apprehensive Restaurant Entertainer Seeks Help

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“Do you have any suggestions for someone who has the twisting skills, but is afraid to pitch restaurants?” This was the question asked of me today in Facebook. The idea of approaching a stranger and pitching an idea is always met with fear and apprehension. It is like dating; somebody needs to start the conversation. … Read more

Techniques to Better the Odds of Increasing or Getting a Tip

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I arrived at my Saturday night restaurant and had just unloaded my gear when a regular patron approached me with money in his hand saying, “Great, you are here tonight, the grand kids will love it” then proceeded to hand me $20. I had done nothing and I was 20 bucks richer. This was not the first time … Read more

Do you deserve a tip?

Dale Obrochta Entertaining at a restaurant

In the underbelly of the balloon entertainer’s world, community stories are told about the unappreciative customer who does not reward an entertainer at a restaurant for bringing joy and delight to the children at their table. The patron accepts the balloon offering and either neglects or does not care to further the Arts by rewarding the … Read more

Do You Have A Question About Restaurant Entertainment?

Pizza made from twisting balloons by balloon artist Dale Obrochta

What is Your Restaurant Entertainment Question? If you have any questions about restaurant entertainment or want to challenge me on the points or strategies within, please let me know, using social media.  Ask me questions through or   If not in a hurry, post a detailed message here. If you think your question only … Read more

Restaurant Entertaining

I have spent years learning and creating ways to market and entertain at restaurants.  The influx between regulars and new customers makes it fun and challenging.  Returning customers allow you the opportunity to try out new material.  If it flops or the balloon design is not up to your standard, don’t worry. You have a … Read more

A Step by Step Guide to Pitching a Restaurant

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Walk inside to the bar. Start twisting. Make a simple, but impressive balloon. When someone asks you what is going on, ask if the General Manager is in. If so, twist until they arrive. If not, ask for a card and see if a shift manager is in. Pitch to Shift Manager and ask when … Read more

Secret Sales Tactic for Restaurants

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

When I go out to pitch restaurants, I expect to walk away with at least one tryout at the very minimum. So, a lot of times I’ll make it my goal to get a tryout before I allow myself to have lunch. Thursday I woke up hungry, skipped breakfast, met up with my associate, and … Read more