As Twisted as They May Be

They can be holy, transparent, or just odd in shape. Some are round; some are tall, while others are skinny. Some are limber, while others take superior effort to bend. Some are sturdy, while others are fragile, but no matter how you bend it, they have a breaking point. You can twist their spirit, break … Read more

Boney Fingers

Working your fingers to the bone in the name of entertainment Around the world entertainers wrists twists, fingers push, and standing there interacting nonstop for hours are entertainers brings joy to audiences. Over time, muscles are becoming sore, joints rub together as cartilage deteriorates, and ligaments are tearing, just in the name of entertainment. Audiences … Read more

I’m in the Newspaper… Again

Who really care’s if you’re in the newspaper? I was watching an entertainer’s promo video and in the middle of the video were pictures from newspapers that he appeared in.  I thought to myself, “Hasn’t every entertainer been in the newspaper?”  What is so special about that?  I guess it’s special for the entertainer, but … Read more

Restaurant Entertaining

I have spent years learning and creating ways to market and entertain at restaurants.  The influx between regulars and new customers makes it fun and challenging.  Returning customers allow you the opportunity to try out new material.  If it flops or the balloon design is not up to your standard, don’t worry. You have a … Read more

Holiday Evening of Remembrance

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

The Heart Connection Families of Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers is hosting its invite-only Holiday Evening of Remembrance.  Magical Balloon-dude Dale and Frank Birdsall will be balloon twisting for a gust of the event on December 1, 2008, from 6:15 pm -7:15 pm.   This is an invite-only event held at the … Read more

1st Birthday Party Theme

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

If you’re having a 1st birthday party and looking for a theme, then here are resources to theme ideas for birthday parties.  Don’t forget you going to need a good balloon entertainer who can incorporate cool balloon designs to fit your theme party. Book mark this page now! A Abby Cadabby Birthday Party – create … Read more

New Years Eve 1996 TV Interview

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

I finally converted this VHS recording to a DVD. I worked for Chicago’s Navy Pier on New Year’s Eve 1996 and was interviewed by James Ward, ABC Channel 7 Food Critic, for their ABC Rock’s New Years’ Eve Party. When this aired later in the evening, I was already at a New Year’s Eve party … Read more

Orland Park Entertainment Guide

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

I made to the cover of the Entertainment Guide for Orland Park, IL, and it was mailed to over 50,000 houses. The picture was taken at the 2007 Taste of Orland. The bad part is that nowhere in the flier says that I will be there this year. One of my regular customers at Fox’s … Read more