Apprehensive Restaurant Entertainer Seeks Help

Dale-InBag“Do you have any suggestions for someone who has the twisting skills, but is afraid to pitch restaurants?” This was the question asked of me today in Facebook. The idea of approaching a stranger and pitching an idea is always met with fear and apprehension. It is like dating; somebody needs to start the conversation.

If this was a question about how to pickup the opposite sex, you would say “be yourself, look to develop a relationship, and find a connection between each other”.

You could team  up with a friend (the wingman) to help with introductions to help smooth out the rough spots by having the friend help make you look good.

Being apprehensive?   The first reaction,  is to thrust
a  pamphlet with ego boasts, grandstanding statements, and achievements at the restaurant owner. This typically does not impress or make a good impression with the restaurant owner.

Making a connection makes it easier to talk about ourselves, but it is even easier to brag about somebody else. Become the wingman, better know in business as a salesperson.

The salesperson explains the companies service or product to the restaurant owner. They use tools: fliers, cold calls, and networking groups, to meet and make connections.

If you are apprehensive about promoting  your business, then you need to become a salesperson. Talk about the service the “entertainer” can provide, how “they” can increase customer retention, and you will find it is easier to sell a company or service than it is to sell yourself.

Break down barriers by sending frequent notices explaining your service. The goal is to create brand/name recognition. This allows you to call the restaurant and do a follow up to see if they received the information and if they had any questions. Did they schedule the FREE evaluation entertainment to appear at their restaurant? Currently, you are not an entertainer, but a salesperson following up on a mailing. With a little practice, some rejection, and frustration, which goes with any sales position, you will become comfortable with a sales pitch and courting restaurants will be an everyday thing.

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