Crafting Powerful Connections: Lessons from Simon Sinek and Balloon Entertaining in Smaller Crowds

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In a conversation between Tom, an event producer, and renowned motivational speaker Simon Sinek, the sentiment of valuing a smaller audience emerges. “I’m sorry, I was hoping for a larger crowd,” expresses Tom, to which Sinek responds with a powerful perspective, “I feel sorry for those who didn’t attend, as these people are going to … Read more

Restaurant Performing, Some Tips on Tips!


I have been performing with balloons in restaurants now for just shy of a decade. In my experience, I have learned a few do’s and MANY don’ts in what seems to work best in increasing my tip income. I have found six main categories that seem to influence an audience’s willingness to empty the coin … Read more

Do you deserve a tip?

Dale Obrochta Entertaining at a restaurant

In the underbelly of the balloon entertainer’s world, community stories are told about the unappreciative customer who does not reward an entertainer at a restaurant for bringing joy and delight to the children at their table. The patron accepts the balloon offering and either neglects or does not care to further the Arts by rewarding the … Read more

Do You Have A Question About Restaurant Entertainment?

Pizza made from twisting balloons by balloon artist Dale Obrochta

What is Your Restaurant Entertainment Question? If you have any questions about restaurant entertainment or want to challenge me on the points or strategies within, please let me know, using social media.  Ask me questions through or   If not in a hurry, post a detailed message here. If you think your question only … Read more

10 Tips to Keep a Restaurant Client Happy

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

The following are the basic guidelines I use and teach to those interested in restaurant entertainment. This is just the short list of basic guidelines that act as a preamble before the full chunk of the manual is reviewed. I provide them here as a list of suggestions for others interested in working restaurants as … Read more