How to Surive a Convention

Tips to surive a convention

This is easy! Just get all of your sleep in ahead of time! You will not have much time to sleep during the convention! It is just one of the things that there is no getting around. Many of the people attending are so eager to learn and share that it goes around the clock! You have to be concerned about your health!


Make sure that your snacks are healthy – NOT filled with sugar! This is important because sugar is excellent for instant energy, but the drop after the initial boost is more devastating. When you get some lunch and dinners, try to get what you should eat, not what you want to eat.


About your room, if it was necessary to bring a pillow to have a solid sleep, then do it! If you are looking for or are going to be a roommate, compatibility is of the utmost! Work out schedules and other things to make it a smooth time in the room! Be considerate of the roommate. The old “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”! This is what we should live at the convention by. It’s a great rule to live by in general but essential at conventions. So, clean up after yourself, and if need be, learn how to be organized! I know that is the hardest thing to remember for some of us – but it comes naturally for others! I’m jealous!


Try to be considerate of others in class because they are there to learn! Distractions won’t help! No radios, ringing telephones, loud talking, picture taking (’til the end of the class), and videotaping (Usually not allowed in any class unless pre-arranged and still might not be allowed due to the instructor having a tape or DVD or book in the works for the subject). Try to help clean up at the end of the class so the next instructor doesn’t have to take valuable time away from their subject for cleaning, which can make somebody miss out on important information. This is something that might happen before your class!


Remember, we are a family! A community, so to speak, where helping others is the “Bylaw,” and sharing is what it is all about! The jam room is where everybody gets together to do this. Here is where the adage comes into play! Thinking of others helps them think of you too! More learning, more fun, more friends, more . . . of everything that keeps the joy of the convention and informative.


At most convention sites, if not all of them, they do have all of the information you may need to make the convention work for you! The hotel information is there so that anything you need can be accommodated. Room location, smoking/non-smoking, after-hours nightlife, and more, even the restaurants offer.

Often, they might even let you know what is within walking distance of the hotel for shopping and eating. And, if there is a shuttle available, take you to the different places.

Of course, the How To Survive articles may give you even more insight on what you need to prepare to enjoy the convention to the fullest! Bring the equipment that you are comfortable with! Aprons, balloons, scissors, markers, and anything else you use when you work with balloons. Of these, make sure that they are airline safe. Make sure that along with your camera that you have extra space in your luggage for the DVDs, Books, and other items that you purchase. Otherwise, you’ll have to leave other stuff behind!!! LOL

See you at the next convention!

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