Paranoia Keeps Me Professional


Before closing my trunk, I transform into a TSA agent and visually scan my trunk for keys, followed by a pat down just to verify that they are in my pocket. It reminds me of a smoker looking for their lighter. Once I finish slapping myself silly, I slam the car trunk closed. As I … Read more

Going That Extra Step

Giving them more than they expect, not because you have to, but because it is a privilege. The client did not need to hire you. Work hard and practice more, especially when it is new. Do not look for accolades from peers or extra pay. Do it because you care about your craft. The industry … Read more


It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve practiced something, there’s always a chance of things going off track. For weeks now, I’ve been working on a new bit for my show.  Hours of practicing in front of an audience and still when I go to get it on video it’s like I’ve never done it … Read more

Entertaining is like Golf

If you like golfing, then you should love performing on stage Golf is both exhilarating and frustrating with every swing of the golf club.  The same is true with entertaining on stage.  In golf, every course is different, just like every entertaining venue. Every show challenges you to be perfect, similar to strategic layout of … Read more

The Best Show Ever


I know what I’m gonna do today. The venue is perfect, the temperature is just right; the audience reaction is like it’s been rehearsed, every joke receives a laugh.  The chosen participate not only is cooperative, but provides ample reactions and responses that allows for comedic creativity to run rampant.  Everything you do in the … Read more

Last Outside Balloon Show for 2011

Performing under the lights, but wondering if I should be wearing long underwear. The fun of outdoor performing makes each and every show slightly different. Some days you fight to keep from heat exhaustion and your balloons cool. Other days you realize that the jacket you tossed on really isn’t warm enough for a three … Read more

The Show Must Go On

Grundy County Corn Fest 2011

Neither rain nor shine or dead of cold will prevent these dedicated kids from attending Grundy County Corn Fest. The day starts off sunny and warm, yet every weatherman in Chicago is predicting rain and wind gust exceeding 40 mph around 2:00 pm. The first show is a little windy, but nothing that prevents me … Read more

How to prepair for 16 Balloon Shows in 5 Days

Getting ready for one stage show can be work, but getting ready to do 16 shows in 5 days becomes brain weary.  Everything needs to be gathered, sorted, and arranged in a manner that makes it easy to transport and setup.  This is critical when doing a balloon show. You need to make sure you … Read more

Giggling in Delight at this Year’s Grundy Country Corn Festival

Balloon Animals - Corn, made by balloon artist Dale Obrochta

Get ready to be spellbound by the balloon artistry and giggle in delight at this year’s Grundy Country Corn Festival weekend, as it welcomes balloon artist Dale Obrochta, better known as Magical Balloon-dude Dale. Audiences will marvel as colorful 3-foot balloons twirl about as captivating music plays, and audience participants are transforming into stars. With … Read more