Paranoia Keeps Me Professional

IPodBefore closing my trunk, I transform into a TSA agent and visually scan my trunk for keys, followed by a pat down just to verify that they are in my pocket. It reminds me of a smoker looking for their lighter. Once I finish slapping myself silly, I slam the car trunk closed. As I walk away, a quick tap on the pocket assures me that the keys are safe.

I am paranoid. I will admit it. I am paranoid that someday I will lock my keys in the trunk of my car while at a gig.

Toss in the mix of me doing a balloon show intensifies the paranoia with my iPod. I use music in my show and if I do not have it, HOLY CRAP! This is a scenario that I never want to find myself in. The size of the iPod makes it easy to misplace or lose.

I have patted myself down, checked my bags, and searched my balloon apron to ascertain where that iPod has disappeared to. This happens not only at the show, but also at home. After a performance, I toss the iPod into my pocket. Once home my pockets are emptied and now the iPod is floating around the house. This brings up the question, “Honey, have you seen my iPod?”

Recently, I attached a large blue lanyard to the iPod. The goal was to tag this 2-inch by 1- inch music player with a large ribbon making it easier to find. It has helped, but like most items, it grows feet and walks away.

I did reduce my iPod paranoia by attaching the lanyard of my iPod to the Fender Passport 150. I always know where my sound system is stored, and now attached to it, is my iPod.

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  1. I feel your pain…I have forgotten the ipod a couple of times when rushing out the door. The discovery of the misplaced pod usually happens when I am driving down the highway and past the point of no return. 🙂 Thankfully it does not happen often and even better…I now have backup plan B. There is an app for my galaxy s3 phone that allows me to play my intact playlist on the phone itself. Sooo…as long as I have at least the phone, I am in good shape. I just put the phone into airplane mode so there are no surprises during the set.

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