Entertaining is like Golf

If you like golfing, then you should love performing on stage

Golf is both exhilarating and frustrating with every swing of the golf club.  The same is true with entertaining on stage.  In golf, every course is different, just like every entertaining venue. Every show challenges you to be perfect, similar to strategic layout of the golf course that challenges the golfer to make the perfect shot every time. The mechanics’ used to hit the ball straight and far are as difficult as setting up a comedic routine. The exhilaration one feels driving a ball 200 yards straight as an arrow is as compelling as an audience giving you a standing ovation. Frustrating as one can be when a joke goes into the rough or worse gets lost and nobody laughs. You constantly spend money on learning tools to help you improve.  Ironically, no matter how bad or good you did that day, there is a driving force to get better, striding to be the best. You work on your game just too improve for your next outing.

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