Last Outside Balloon Show for 2011

Performing under the lights, but wondering if I should be wearing long underwear.

The fun of outdoor performing makes each and every show slightly different. Some days you fight to keep from heat exhaustion and your balloons cool. Other days you realize that the jacket you tossed on really isn’t warm enough for a three hour gig and you just cannot wait to get back to the car and crank up the heat.

Well, it has been a great year performing outside, but the weather in Illinois is changing just like the leaves.  Tonight will be my last balloon show outside for 2011.  The temperature is expected to be 55 degrees and the rain should be clearing by 6:30 pm, which is the time I’m slated to perform at the Lindenhurst Park District Haunted Trail and Bonfire.

Now, I can say that I will miss performing outside, but for the next seven months working in controlled temperatures, dry stages, and wind gust that will be non-existent, makes balloon entertaining spectacular.  Not to say the Lindenhurst show won’t be spectacular, but add in the time of year, crisp clean chill of the night air, family atmosphere and me being pumped to perform… let’s say it is going to be more than spectacular.  So toss on a warm coat, grab a cup of Joe, put the kids in the car and make your way out to the Lindenhurst Park District Haunted Trail and Bonfire for an evening of fun with Magical Balloon-dude Dale.

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