How to prepair for 16 Balloon Shows in 5 Days

Getting ready for one stage show can be work, but getting ready to do 16 shows in 5 days becomes brain weary.  Everything needs to be gathered, sorted, and arranged in a manner that makes it easy to transport and setup.  This is critical when doing a balloon show.

  1. You need to make sure you have all you balloon supplies in stock.
  2. Organize your balloons in a manner that has everything you need in one location.
  3. Organize each show into their separate balloon bag kits.  This way all the supplies you need for one show is in one quick kit.
All the balloons needed for 16 balloon shows.
30-minute balloon show in a bag.

You will need some type of signage that allows you to display when the show will be occurring and any message that you want to deliver to the audience.  Don’t forget to bring a sign, stand, markers, and something to erase old times off.

Try it Text LIKE BALLOONSart to 32665 - This picture was taken the 1st day, then I realized I forget the word LIKE in the message, oops.


My show includes lights and a sound system, so that means carrying a lot of different types of extension cords.  I figure I need the basics to connect everything, I then carry 2-3 more just in case the stage setup needs to be modified.  When doing rehearsals at home you use the minimal about of electrical cords, but when you are on site the easy, clean wiring setups are never that way.  You have to worry about people tripping over wires, electrical outlets not being close.  Just the layout of the venue makes it tricky to setup equipment.

Batteries. It doesn’t matter if you think everything is fully charged, carry extra.  IPod charger, phone charger, camera, props, anything that needs to have a charge or needs power, make sure you have a backup.  Nothing is worse than getting on stage and finding out you left your wireless microphone on and the battery has run out.

If you can, have the venue provide a backdrop, especially if it’s outside. This week alone I have 25-35 mile an hour wind gusts.  I know my backdrop would never last in that wind, in fact the venues backdrop blew over.

Grundy Country Kids Stage
My library balloon show stage setup

If you are doing multiple shows outside bring a tarp.  You never know when that unexpected rain storm will pass over.  Covering up your sound system and equipment means you will be ready for the next show without breaking down and setting up between shows. Carry a couple garbage bags to toss over speakers to keep them dry.

Don’t count on the venue providing food.  You can specify food vouchers in your show rider, but sometimes the food venders are not in your area.  The food court may be a half mile from your location or the lines may be so long that you don’t have enough time to get to the food court, wait in line, then get back and ready for your next show.  So, pack a lunch, sit tight, and enjoy what’s around you.

The key to multiple gigs is to be prepared for all things.  If you take time and do some planning you will find doing 16 shows in 5 days is not difficult when you are prepared.

Did I over look something?  Let me know.

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