The Best Show Ever

I know what I’m gonna do today.

PhineasThe venue is perfect, the temperature is just right; the audience reaction is like it’s been rehearsed, every joke receives a laugh.  The chosen participate not only is cooperative, but provides ample reactions and responses that allows for comedic creativity to run rampant.  Everything you do in the show works flawlessly, down to the smallest of details, any imperfection is quickly improvised to perfection. Standing ovation, cheers and accolades are thrust upon you and your guaranteed to be back next year.

As you lay your head down on the pillow you’ve visualize how tomorrows show will go.  We don’t think of obstacles that rear its ugly head, we daydream about performing the best show ever. The dream of the perfect show is not a dream, it is reality.  All you have to do is visualize the outcome, practice and then just do it!  Only you will know the mishaps, the audience just knows they are seeing your best show ever.
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