Halloween Scary Faces

A practical view on how to draw Halloween scary faces Over the years, I realized that you could not pick up a marker, swirl it around, and come up with an image that you like right off the back. You draw eyes and think they should be bigger or scary looking, but it is too … Read more

Balloon Instructions for Halloween

Balloon Website

Bonnie Davis’s newest Halloween CD, the Dark Side, is now available.  The instructional CD contains fifteen new Halloween designs.  Most of the designs use 2 and 4 balloons, including scraps, except for one, which uses five balloons.  The average twister will make these Halloween designs in 5-minutes or less making them perfect for private parties, … Read more

Developing and Designing Balloon Animals

It was a quiet day at the restaurant where I performed comedic balloon entertainment, so I used the slow evening to create this fire-breathing Dragon.  A little girl was watching, and when I was done, guess who got it? Here is a side view of the Dragon.  It is never easy to take a picture … Read more

Halloween Balloon Animals – Don’t do it yourself!

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

The Internet is a great place to learn different skills, but people often try to learn a skill days before an event.  As a professional balloon entertainer, I get numerous emails from desperate parents seeking out how to make Halloween balloon animals or make flowers for the school homecoming. These instructions are not quickly assessable … Read more

Halloween Balloon Animals

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

Halloween is a great time for balloon entertainers to work on some really cool designs.  These are just a couple of the simple designs I do around Halloween. Advanced Halloween Balloon Animals To often there is very little time to make a big balloon sculpture at an event unless you’re in advance.  These I made … Read more