Halloween Balloon Animals – Don’t do it yourself!

The Internet is a great place to learn different skills, but people often try to learn a skill days before an event.  As a professional balloon entertainer, I get numerous emails from desperate parents seeking out how to make Halloween balloon animals or make flowers for the school homecoming. These instructions are not quickly assessable but instead buried in balloon animal books, CDs, or DVDs. Many of these instructions require you to have the basic knowledge of how to make balloon animals.  This is why I recommend that you leave the balloon twisting to the professional balloon entertainer who knows how to make the Halloween balloon shapes, has the balloon supplies, and knows how to work with an audience.

If you want to take a simple room and add balloon decorations, consider making Halloween balloon columns.  Balloon columns do require basic balloon skills but are much easier than teaching yourself how to twist a 260 balloon into a bat shape.

Here are instructions on how to build the basic balloon column and balloon arch.  Since this will be your first balloon column, plan on a couple of hours to build each column.  Since this is a DYI project, expect to spend more time inflating, tying, and getting people to help you.  Unlike professional decorators’ who have the equipment and skills to build balloon columns efficiently and quickly.

Balloon twisting looks easy because we are professionals who spend hours honing our craft, so hire a professional entertainer and sit back and enjoy the Halloween festivities.

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