Increase Blog Readers by Joining the Balloon Entertainers Toolbar!

Over the years I have learned the way to get people to my balloon entertainment website or blog is to provide high-quality content and provide first-rate service.   To do this I started a project to increase the number of readers not only to my blog, but to other entertainer’s blogs.

When I search for other entertainers blogs, I found it a challenge; but I think I have come up with a solution to help professional entertainers find each other’s blogs.  I developed an entertainers community toolbar for IE and Firefox (PC only) for the balloon entertainment industry that links too many great resources. I just added a category for Entertainment Blogs.  The list has only 3 people so far, but I hope to have this list grow in the next couple months.  At that time, I’ll create categories to make organization easier.

If you are an entertainer and have a blog, leave a comment about your blog and I will add it to the list. Only ACTIVE blogs will be added to the toolbar.  If you’re just creating a blog to have one, then read the first line of this of this article.

Click here to get the toolbar

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