Entertainer Opens His Eyes And Sees Faces

When I was starting out I would spend hours twisting balloon figures and developing cool designs. Many days the face looked like Edvard Munch drew it. I would put a couple of well-placed dots for eyes, scribble a wavy line for a mouth, and call it expressionism art. As a child, Saturday morning was a blast. … Read more

The Unforgotten Mouth

Summer Teeth – Some teeth here, some teeth there As an entertainer I look for the unique qualities that make people and objects standout in the crowd.  Many times it is a color combination that I study, but recently I have become fixated on a shingles commercial with Dennis Grogan, a retired firefighter.  Every time … Read more

Halloween Scary Faces

A practical view on how to draw Halloween scary faces Over the years, I realized that you could not pick up a marker, swirl it around, and come up with an image that you like right off the back. You draw eyes and think they should be bigger or scary looking, but it is too … Read more

To Mark or Not to Mark, That is the Question!

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

Markers of all types have been in our bags, pouches and aprons for a long time! Sharpies© lead the pack! Everybody carries a black one. Do you carry a red one? What about blue or green? Even an orange or purple one? If you have time during the job to do a lot of art … Read more