The Unforgotten Mouth

Summer Teeth – Some teeth here, some teeth there

TeethAs an entertainer I look for the unique qualities that make people and objects standout in the crowd.  Many times it is a color combination that I study, but recently I have become fixated on a shingles commercial with Dennis Grogan, a retired firefighter. 

Every time I see the commercial I cannot help but notice his teeth.  I have become accustomed to seeing newscaster and celebrities with bleached whiten teeth. I forget how interesting crooked teeth are and how it defines the character.

I’m sure the ad has a targeted market group and Grogan fits the profile.

Yet, his crooked teeth I find interesting.  I like using realistic character traits when I drawn on a balloon because it adds a visual impact that is memorable, thus creating a “wow factor”.

Crooked TeethDrawing crooked teeth takes more thought then you think. You can have overbites, overlapping, and badly configured teeth.  Adding space, sharpness, and rounding teeth give the teeth character.

Depending on how you configure the mouth you can change the personality and doing this gives the capability to make it a whimsical instead of menacing face.

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