The Testimonial – How to use them

Social proof or a testimonial is a powerful tool for any business. Yet, many performers do not understand how to use a testimonial once it is obtained. Some people presume that any statement made by a famous person, “Bob, Good luck, you are the best,” is a testimonial. It is not.  It is an autograph that the performer … Read more

The Magic of a Recommendation

Will You Recommend Me? It’s nothing new to ask past clients for testimonials for marketing purposes.  After all, businesses have been doing this for decades.  Mickey Rooney is pitching life insurance.  Valerie Bertinelli is telling you how much weight she’s lost on the Jenny Craig diet. While others celebrities are pitching other “great” products and … Read more

Testimonial from Toodles at Centre East Showcase

Sandi Sylver

I had the opportunity to meet Sandi Sylver and her girls this past week at the Centre East Showcase.  Sandi was a couple of booths down from me, and Toodles fell in love with my balloon creations.  She likes them so much that she provide me with this testimonial. Thanks, Toodles, for the kind words. … Read more