See How To Acquire And Use A Clients Testimonial

Being excellent at your job brings praise, and these praises can be converted into a testimonial for marketing your business. This brief article will give you ideas on capturing, using, and why I feel obtaining a testimonial is worth my time.

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3 Ways to Capture a Testimonial

  1. Record it. Pull out your cell phone and record the client’s comments. Take notes, for every 100 video testimonials, only one or two are great. Why? People freeze up and lose their train of thought. Resulting in the loss of energy, awkward statements, and a deer in headlights video. In other words, the praise given before you hit the record button is what you wanted to record.
  2. Write it down. Grab a pen, paper, and write down what they say. Bingo, it’s that easy. I’ve found 99.9% of the people I ask, “Can I quote you on that?” have no hesitation in saying “yes.”
  3. Request a post/written reply. For more than 20-years I have asked clients via mail, email, and in-person to write a testimonial. What I’ve learned is people don’t like to write testimonials as it becomes work and can be easily blown off.

Testimonial Plug-in For WordPress

Recently, I updated my balloon entertainment website and found years of hard coding HTML testimonials were outdated, and I need to add more to my list of testimonials. I searched the WordPress plugins and found one that allows me to catalog the testimonial by type. Cataloging now lets me show birthday testimonials on the birthday landing page and baptism testimonials on the baptism balloon entertainment page.

Make the Effort

However, when I research a product online or even a WordPress plugin for my website, I always look at the reviews. I need to hear what others are saying. Are they expecting more than the product can deliver? Do things break easy? What are people complaining about, or better yet, why did they go with this product or service? If I’m thinking this, I’m sure my customers are doing the same.

I use the resource at hand, paper, pen, cell phone, or request a Google review. I then use these testimonials in my marketing. A testimonial is a proven marketing tool that works, so why wouldn’t you gather it?

Share with me in the comments below how you use your testimonials or the benefits you see by gathering them?

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See How To Acquire And Use A Clients Testimonial
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See How To Acquire And Use A Clients Testimonial
This article gives ideas on capturing, using, and why balloon entertainer Dale Obrochta puts the work into obtaining a testimonial and shows how he use it.
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2 thoughts on “See How To Acquire And Use A Clients Testimonial”

  1. Every time I do a show I have my camera with me but either feel like am intruding on them to stop and take pictures or I just plan forget..
    This reminds me to do much better with it.

  2. Carol, I felt that way too initially, but things have changed as kids and adults take selfies all the time to post on social media. Nowadays, I ask, ” Can I take your picture?” I haven’t had a no in a long time.

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