I just made $1000 at a birthday party and tipped $100 on top of it!

$1000 dollar bill

$1,000 for a birthday party – sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? A colleague of mine, Andrew Smith, wrote a book explaining his technique for earning $1,000 for a birthday party. I was a skeptic at first. $1,000 dollars for a party! That is, until I was actually paid $1,000 for a birthday … Read more

Manage the Skill and Let Others Reinvent the Wheel

Balloon Entertainment, Artists, and Entertainer

If it has not happened, it will shortly. The list of things children will never know, use, or experience. It’s a part of life as the world and technology change. I remember when a phone was just a phone attached to the wall with a cord. A word processor was a typewriter, and if you … Read more

The Importance Of Knowing Your Balloons Made Per Hour

Balloon Dinosaur

The perception is that multiple balloons figures take longer, but that’s not necessarily true. A poorly designed one balloon animal can take as long or longer then a well designed multiple balloon figure. If you are making one balloon swords, hearts, and poodles you can crank out one a minute. Yet, do you really want … Read more

The Testimonial – How to use them

Social proof or a testimonial is a powerful tool for any business. Yet, many performers do not understand how to use a testimonial once it is obtained. Some people presume that any statement made by a famous person, “Bob, Good luck, you are the best,” is a testimonial. It is not.  It is an autograph that the performer … Read more

Life After Twisting

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

The art of balloon twisting distorts an individual’s perspective of life and their environment.  Many times we see daily objects as cylindrical spheres, connected by a string of balloon bubbles. This happened to me this past Christmas season when I was making mint chocolate chip cookies.  Each cookie became a balloon bubble, and each one … Read more