The Versatile Pumpkin

Pumpkins by the millions are sold and carved each year and the internet is littered with pictures of creative carvings and unique uses for the Halloween pumpkin.

I’ve incorporated this ability to morph them into a balloon sculpture and it adds a creative flair to standard balloon sculptures.  In fact, you can take your basic balloon animal and interconnect them and create a Halloween sculpture that many people will find creative and unique.

The key is being creative with the pumpkin.  You can use it as part of the detail, or you can interlink the two and create unlimited possibilities. If you’re looking to go over the top and make a featured piece, then merge the design and give it a whimsical twist.

Over the next several weeks, I am going to serve up a section of pumpkin ideas. So grab a bag of orange balloons and get ready as I dig into the world of working with the versatile pumpkin.

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