Whimsical Pumpkin Totem Pole

Stacking pumpkins into a whimsical pumpkin totem pole is unique but a fun Halloween balloon figure. This is a quick and easy balloon figure using balloons that most balloon entertainers carry on them. The design is not complicated.  All you need is a 1-350 orange balloon, 1-160 green balloon, and color markers.

Pumpkins are the best balloon figures for any Artist who knows how to draw. It allows the Artist to show hidden talent to a client.

I personally like to have facial expressions related to each other. The bottom pumpkin looks up at the middle pumpkin, who is getting squished by the top pumpkin, who is the happiest because he’s on top.

Drawing tip – start either at the top pumpkin or bottom and work your way through the design. Outline all facial details on one pumpkin first with a black Sharpie. In this example, I used an ultra-fine point to draw the faces, then filling-in with color parts in the same direction you drew the face.

Lastly, draw the pumpkin indentations (pumpkin lines) on the body of the pumpkin. I’ve learned, with the whimsical pumpkin totem pole, if you start on one face and you have to go back to it later, there’s a good chance of smearing previous drawn art. Best to draw everything once and call it done.

Pumpkins, the versatile Halloween balloon design that with a little creativity, has a lot of potentials.

Here’s a video I made showing you how to create a stacked pumpkin totem pole.

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