A List Of The Must-Haves For Balloon Entertainers At Halloween

Halloween balloon pumpkin

When the leaves show the first signs of changing color, I start preparing my balloon inventory for Halloween. I avoid the specialty balloon. I’m just not a fan of imprinted balloons due to the cost and the fact that I can never use them all up in one season. I spend the next 11 months … Read more


Have two great balloon designs and combining them to make one really cool balloon animal/figure.  Go for it! Expanding your thinking and combine ideas. Being creative is a great thing to be.  Simple things like putting a driver on a motorcycle or adding a bee to a flower are those extra touches that make the … Read more

The Great Pumpkin King

Pumpkins are a blank slate for an artist.  They can be silly, happy, or scary it is up to you or should we say the client.  Pumpkins vary in size, shape and design, which allow them to be transformed into anything. Recently, I had a request for a scary pumpkin, but they wanted it more … Read more

Spiderman’s Halloween Costume

Have you noticed Superheros are not the creative people when it comes to disguises? Superman and Wonder Women took off their glasses, Batman and Robin wore a mask, and other Superheroes just put a stocking cap over their head. Their physical appearances did not change nor did their voice, but nobody could figure out who … Read more

Pumpkin Head

Using pumpkin’s for a figures head is nothing new.  It’s just a mater of how much detail you want to incorporate into the body once the head is complete.  I like to keep the body simple and keep most the details in the pumpkins’ head. The open face pumpkin is built with your typical 260-twisting … Read more

Old School Pumpkin

Every year balloon entertainers look at how to take a balloon and transform it into a Halloween design. Sometimes, we forget about the things we’ve learned when we first started out.  The simple, quick, and effective designs that date back to the beginning of balloon entertainment – the round balloon. Yes,  the orange round balloon … Read more

Fresh Pumpkin For Your Balloon Sculpture

For years, lovers have requested an arrow through the heart. Why not put a twist on it for this Halloween. Give the pumpkin lovers something they can proudly show off to friends and family.  Nothing like the fresh kill of a pumpkin to fit in with the spirit of Halloween. The artwork on the pumpkin … Read more

Whimsical Pumpkin Totem Pole

Stacking pumpkins into a whimsical pumpkin totem pole is unique but a fun Halloween balloon figure. This is a quick and easy balloon figure using balloons that most balloon entertainers carry on them. The design is not complicated.  All you need is a 1-350 orange balloon, 1-160 green balloon, and color markers. Pumpkins are the … Read more

The Versatile Pumpkin

Pumpkins by the millions are sold and carved each year and the internet is littered with pictures of creative carvings and unique uses for the Halloween pumpkin. I’ve incorporated this ability to morph them into a balloon sculpture and it adds a creative flair to standard balloon sculptures.  In fact, you can take your basic … Read more