Tom Galateo


Dales balloon entertaining was great! I look forward to working with him again.

Denis Cappello

Birthday Party Mom Testimonial

Magical Balloon-dude Dale was the best balloon artist we ever had. I had used a few others, and by far, he is the best!

Elizabeth Surma

Birthday Party Balloon Artist Testimonial

Most of your close friends were at this event, and they all said that the entertainers’ balloon-making skills were excellent. The balloons also lasted a long time after the event.

Sue Golebiowski

Birthday Party Mom Testimonial

Daughters 4th birthday – Easy to deal with and accommodating

Jenava Tait

Birthday Party Balloon Artist Testimonial

Daughters 4th Birthday – Very professional and amazing balloons.

Deena Feil

Birthday Party Balloon Artists - Testimonial

Only one word to describe Dale balloon animals “AWESOME”!

Vivienne Teodoro

Birthday Party Balloon Artists - Testimonial

Dale performed at the birthday party and was highly entertaining. He kept everyone’s attention, kids and adults alike. He was a great sense of humor. Hi is very well-skilled in this balloon entertaining.

Mesha Pike

Testimonial Mom - Balloon Artists Birthday Party

This was the 2nd party we had Dale at and it’s always a pleasure. Would recommend him to any parent having a birthday party.

Hank Malen


The best part was that I did not have to be concerned with babysitting the entertainer; Dale handled everything very well. I was able to spend my time with the family and not be concerned with Dales’s performance. Great