Vivienne Teodoro

Birthday Party Balloon Artists - Testimonial

Dale performed at the birthday party and was highly entertaining. He kept everyone’s attention, kids and adults alike. He was a great sense of humor. Hi is very well-skilled in this balloon entertaining.

Mesha Pike

Testimonial Mom - Balloon Artists Birthday Party

This was the 2nd party we had Dale at and it’s always a pleasure. Would recommend him to any parent having a birthday party.

Hank Malen


The best part was that I did not have to be concerned with babysitting the entertainer; Dale handled everything very well. I was able to spend my time with the family and not be concerned with Dales’s performance. Great

Greg Oleksy


Exceptional entertainment. The guest loved it and the kids thought it was great fun.

Lori Rodriguez

Birthday Party Balloon Artist Testimoinal

It was great. Dale came in & took over the kids and adults were able to relax and enjoy. I don’t know what I would have done with the kids for an extra hour without Dale there.

Lou Sandoval


Dale is Great! A must-have for your kid’s party! Dale did a super job for our daughter’s 1st birthday party. With a big group of guests of varied ages, Dale kept them all entertained. Thank you

Lindsay O’Neal

Birthday Party Balloon Artist Testimonial

Very professional from the first telephone contact. Easy to get a hold of. Helpful in determining timeliness, who would want a balloon etc. Dale was a fabulous addition to our son’s 1st birthday party! He keeps the guest very entertained, and the balloons are amazing

Jiju George

Birthday Party Balloon Artist Testimonial

Guest had a great time with Dale at our son’s birthday party.

Katie Heaton

Birthday Party Balloon Artist Testimonial

Daughters 5th Birthday – People still talk about the most amazing balloons artist at my daughter’s birthday party. A true pleasure to work with.

Lisa Larkin

Birthday Party Balloon Artist - Testimonial Mom

Dale is very professional & works great with people of all ages. His balloon making is excellent. Our large balloon is still inflated from our party on April 1st.