Willson Chan


Dale’s was prompt, professional, and Entertaining.

Christine Oyfs

Birthday Party Mom Testimonial

The children, as well as the adults, had a great time with Dale’s balloon entertainment! I would recommend him.

Liz Walters

Balloon Animals Testimonial Balloon Artists

Dale was fantastic! Everyone at the birthday party was blown away. Like I said he was fantastic!

Jenifer Tenglsen

Testimonial Mom - Balloon Artists Birthday Party

The children loved Dale; the adults were blown away by his balloon skills — it was better than I could have imagined!

Mike Carroll


Entertaining personality, good with the kids, funny with the adults! Good show!

Gigi Domingo

Balloon Animals Testimonial Balloon Artists

Unbelievable! So cool! That guy is incredible! Where some of the comments from your guests who attend our sons birthday party

Sidney Regalado

Birthday Party Balloon Artist - Testimonial Mom

Dale was awesome – He kept all the kids and adults totally entertained – We keep getting requests for his contact info from families who were at our sons birthday party

Lena Juronis

Birthday Party Balloon Artist Testimonial

Dale is a very professional and funny guy. People were impressed by his balloon skills. Kids loved his work. We had lots of fun!!!