Jennifer Duszynski

Birthday Party Mom Testimonial

Dale was great as usual. The kids really enjoyed themselves and the balloons were awesome. The adults could not get over how great the balloons looked and how really realistic. I have used Dale for a past party, including my daughter’s 1st birthday, and would definitely use him again. I would also recommend him to … Read more

Julie McNichols

Birthday Party Balloon Artist - Testimonial Mom

Dale was great to work with, and everyone enjoyed watching him do some amazing balloon creations. The kids LOVED having him at the party. I would recommend Dale highly

Natalie Amabile

Birthday Party Balloon Artist Testimoinal

Amazing Balloon Artist! I have never seen anything like this. Thank you so much

The Henricksen’s

Testimonial Mom - Balloon Artists Birthday Party

Dale was amazing!! He showed up on time (actually early) and immediately began to entertain. He had twenty-five 3-year-olds memorized as well as all of their parents. Every person at the birthday party had a total blast and could not get enough of his magic balloons. Dale is social, funny, and truly talented. If you … Read more

Marissa Carmody

Birthday Party Balloon Artists - Testimonial

Dale is an entertainer like no other! He was able to keep the attention of 16 kindergarten boys! His balloon transformations were so extraordinary, and  I’ve never seen such works of balloon art before.  My birthday boy loved his birthday balloon hat!

Mary Lou Butler

Birthday Party Balloon Artist - Testimonial Mom

Dale took control of the birthday party, and he did all the work. I just enjoyed every balloon creation he made. It was fantastic. Dale’s expertise in balloon creation is the best I’ve ever seen. His banter with guests has everyone laughing. The children treasured their balloon creations. This evening I saw Mickey Mouse, teddy … Read more

Regina Wootton

Birthday Party Balloon Artist Testimoinal

We have known Dale for several years from the Chicago Yacht Club, and this was the first time we had the opportunity to book him for a birthday party of our own. He was a huge hit, and the kids loved him and had a great time. He is fantastic and gifted with children and … Read more

Marybeth Schwieters

Balloon Animals Testimonial Balloon Artists

The first time I met Dale, I was at my best friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party in Northbrook, IL. I couldn’t believe how original some of the balloons were and the faces that Dale drew on their balloons. I came home and told my husband what a fabulous balloon entertainer I saw at the birthday … Read more

Karin Ochs

Birthday Party Balloon Artists - Testimonial

Very good. Dale’s balloon creations were beautiful, and he was very pleasant to work with.

Hillari Jacobs

Birthday Party Balloon Artist - Testimonial Mom

From the moment Dale introduced himself, I felt like he was a part of the family. Dale’s easy-going personality and happy spirit helped him to fit right in…Our son’s First Birthday party was a special occasion, and we wanted the entertainment to be perfect. Dale spent 2 hours performing for 25 children and 50 adults, … Read more