Proactive Balloon Artist is the One You Should Fear

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For decades, I’ve freely shared design insights and marketing tips within the balloon entertainment industry. My mother viewed this as a downfall to my father’s consulting business. He often solved people’s problems without charging for his services, leading them to believe they didn’t need his expertise. Years later, I realized that the competitors I fear … Read more

The Alphabet Stimulates Creativity

In February 2006, I created a game call the Alphabet game. I was looking for a game to stimulate my creativity, but also challenge me to make balloon figures that I would never have made if left to my own accord. One afternoon I was driving in the car and a local radio station was playing the … Read more

A List of Ways to Increase Creativity and Develop New Balloon Figures

Here is a random list of ways to increase creativity and develop a new balloon figure. Turn the specialty balloon inside out. Deflate the balloon halfway. Inflate the balloon and twist it in half. Turn the balloon shape 180 degrees. Hold the balloon shape to a mirror, viewing the problem from a different angle. Twist a balloon shape … Read more

Outside Looking In Can Solve Your Problems

This week, I have been listing to an audio book about creativity and how it develops in the mind. The focus is not just the right brain processing, but how the right and left-brain have to work as a team to produce the ideas. I have learned that when we relax we become the most … Read more

Creativity – Balloon Entertainers Perspective

Improvisation comes from being highly confident and skilled in your craft that no matter what occurs you can adapt and overcome without hesitation – without thinking. With improvisation comes creativity. When great improvisation occurs the audience feels it, the entertainer just accepts it and rolls with it. And when the entertainer is asked about the … Read more