A List of Ways to Increase Creativity and Develop New Balloon Figures

Here is a random list of ways to increase your creativity and develop a new balloon figure.

  1. My eyes saw a Teddy Bear in Facebook.  My creativity saw a Panda Bear.  Let your creativity run wild.
    My eyes saw a Teddy Bear in Facebook. My creativity saw a Panda Bear. Let your creativity run wild.

    Turn the specialty balloon inside out.

  2. Deflate the balloon halfway.
  3. Inflate the balloon and twist it in half.
  4. Turn the balloon shape 180 degrees.
  5. Hold the balloon shape up to a mirror, viewing the problem from a different angle.
  6. Twist a balloon shape and ask a child what they see. Children’s imaginations and creativity are more abstract.
  7. Experiment with different sizes of balloons.
  8. Lay the balloon shape down and look at it from an aerial view.
  9. Change the color combination; simply changing the color of a figure transforms it into another animal or character.
  10. Overinflate the balloon.
  11. Try using the balloon shape as a head, body, foot, hand or hat.
  12. Stimulate the creative part of the brain by adding eyes to the balloon shape.
  13. Team up with somebody who has more or less experience.  Draw on one anther’s experiences or lack of experiences.
  14. Attach shapes randomly and look at it from all angles.
  15. Whatever you see, expand on it.  If you see a hand in the balloon shape, make a character to complement the hand.
  16. Take the balloon shape and make it 3-4 different objects or characters.  Turn a balloon pumpkin into a drill, doll, ball, etc.
  17. Attach two of the same balloon shapes together – What does it look like?
  18. The wilder the balloon design, the more possibilities arise.
  19. Think as if a child is drawing the balloon design.
  20. Think abstract – Andy Warhol-style, no constraints.
  21. Insert one balloon into another and inflate.
  22. Insert two balloons into a balloon and inflate.
  23. If the balloon shape you are working with is a triangle, use Google Image to search for things that are a triangle.  Use the creativity of those images to produce the characters they have drawn or made.
  24. Using a marker, transform that new balloon shape into an animal. Do not add balloons; just draw onto the balloon shape.
  25. Keep the design simple, and let your imagination run wild.  Nothing is off limits; it can be cute, disgusting, or impossible, like a penguin blowing a bubble gum bubble.
The Teddy Bear was designed by  Patrick Van de ven, reproduced by Payaso Cachiflin from Costa Rica.  Thank you for sharing this nice design.


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