Stupid People – Do I need to say more?

Have you noticed the number of stupid people is increasing in number? They seem to be everywhere.  I’ll be balloon twisting and have a line of thirty people standing in front of me, and an adult will walk to the front of the line and ask for a balloon.

“There is a line,” I tell them.

“Oh,” they reply with a dumbfounded look on their face and walk away.

What were they thinking? Thirty people just instantly decided to create a Congo line in front of me?

Let us mandate kids on the high school honor roll to work at fast-food restaurants or work where I shop. I would love to be able to go through a fast-food drive-through and order a cheeseburger with no cheese and get the order right.

High school students who receive A’s in math must be required to work the cash register. It would be nice to have a clerk who knows how to give correct change back without using a calculator when giving them an extra nickel to reduce excess change.

Pet me - I don\'t bite.

I’m encouraging scientists to figure out how to resurrect the dinosaur. Just bring back one giant carnivore where I can place a sign in front of it that reads “pet me.” It wouldn’t matter how many people it ate; idiots would still stand in line to pet it.

While working a trade show booth, a teenager (16 years old) recently walked up to my balloon display and asked for the giant Mickey Mouse on display.

“Sorry, that’s part of my booth display,” I said.

“Please, can I have it,” she said.

“No,” I replied

“Why, not”

“Because it’s my display, and I said No.”

“Please, can I have it?”

“No!  What part of no don’t you understand,” I said.

“Please, I really want it. Please,” she mumbled.

“Are you really that dumb that you don’t understand the word No?” I said.

“You’re mean! All I wanted was a balloon.”

“No, you want my display, and besides, aren’t you doing your community service work here?”

“Yes – But I want the balloon,” she exclaimed

“Well, I want world peace and for you to leave,” I told her.

Who is teaching their kids? If you say please, you can get what you want.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, parents teach your kids the meaning of the word “NO.”  There I’ve said it, please, and according to stupid kids, who normally have rude, obnoxious parents, it is now decreed law.  If it were only that easy, the world would be a much easier place to entertain.

Have you had to deal with stupid people lately?

6 thoughts on “Stupid People – Do I need to say more?”

  1. We are living in an entitlement society. Little leagues hand out a trophy to every kid, win or lose, kids get promoted in school whether or not they pass their subjects, and the lists go on. Nobody looses because it doesn’t teach confidence. So the kid wants a balloon …. after all, she is entitled to it. Just ask her mom.

  2. Hi, well im one of those idiots who cant look where shes going. I was deep in thought and walked towards the front of a very long queue waiting to use the phone.

    I didnt see the queue at all i was that preoccupied and i felt a right twit afterwards, yes i actually used the phone before i turned round and realised. All i could see was a lady coming off the phone. silly me

    The 16year old i would probably say come back at the end when im taking down and i will give you any of my display sculptures. just a suggestion.
    very good article thanks Dale

  3. i wouldn’t be too hard on the people who don’t realize there is a line. I’ve been guilty of being a spacecase for many an occasion….

    Regarding teenage entitlement, it’s not anything new really. Teenagers have been self absorbed and bratty for centuries – I’m sure the ancient Greeks complained about how lousy “kids today” are! On the other hand, a lot of it is due to parenting – some of my best audiences have been teenagers that are respectful, insightful, outgoing and very enthusiastic. I think selfish parents are a bit part of selfish rude kids…

  4. From a language perspective, I’ve discovered “No” actually means Maybe! Sometimes a non-reply is good for the persistent ones, something akin to just ignoring the negative attention-seeking behavior and hopefully it will go away.

    BTW, I love your reply “Well, I want world peace and for you to leave.”
    That’s a knee slapper, that one. I’m going to be using it.

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