How to Improve Your Golf Game

I’ve been playing golf most of my life and only have two goals. One is to have fun, and two beat my father-in-law. One of my glorious moments came when I hit 145 yard 7-iron for a hole-in-one while golfing against my father-in-law.  What a great day!

What I have learned over these years is how to improve my golf game.  So if you’re looking for tips on how to improve your golf game then consider these suggestions.

  1. It’s a game – have fun!
  2. Play only a couple times a year – It’s easy to drop 10 – 15 strokes off your game this way
  3. Practice putting, remove 1 put per hole reduces your game by 18 strokes
  4. Keep your head down
  5. Stop thinking – more you think about your swing the worse it gets – have fun
  6. Unless you’re a professional, hit a second ball
  7. Select a golf courses that meets your skill level – playing difficult course can discourage the best players
  8. Get golf shoes, the extra grip of the spikes will keep your feet from slipping
  9. Everybody hooks and slices the ball, learn to use that to your advantage
  10. Play against somebody you enjoy golfing with – in my case it’s my father-in-law

So these are my tips on how to improve your golf game.  Are they the best tips to lower your score?  Probably not, but they are tips that have helped me improve my golf game.  If you’re an avid golfer, I’m sure you have some tips that you could share; let me know.Golf bag made out of balloons

Until then, I’m sticking to my day job as a professional balloon entertainer, yeah that’s right.  I twist balloons for a living, go figure.  So next time you’re at a country club for a holiday event and you see a guy twisting balloons, check to see if it’s me and let me know if any of my golf tips helped your game. It can’t be any worst than those golf gadgets they sell on TV.

Suppose you’re having a golf outing and looking for an entertainer who understands the joys and miseries that are associated with golfing, then consider me, Magical Balloon-dude Dale.  I would love to entertain you and your guest, and what the heck, play a round of golf too.  So call mes and we can discuss it over a game of golf.

Don’t forget to tell me your tips on improving your golf game.

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