Using Your Smartphone to Take Pictures in a Resturant

2013-05-08_17-57-13_155Smartphone picture quality is making it easier for me to capture balloon creations that I make while entertaining at a restaurant. Just a couple of years ago, images were dark, grainy, and unsalable for marketing. Nowadays, I use my Smartphone to record my YouTube videos blog.

Yet, it does not matter how good the camera is, if the subject is not cooperating, the picture turns out bad. A child’s actions can quickly steal attention away from the balloon figure and the  focus is now on them and not the balloon. Recently, I took a picture and it was not until I arrived home did I notice the boy had crossed his eyes.  Now when I look at the picture, the first things I see are his crossed eyes, not the balloon on his head.

These two boys just had ants in their pants and could not sit still long enough to take a good picture. I have learned that when taking picture of kids, it can be a real crapshoot.



Yet, with the right light and a cooperative subject, you can get a nice picture with your Smartphone. OK, so it was the third picture taken before I got it right, but my son looks cute and so does Darth Vader.

The key to any good picture is lighting. If the subject is in a bright area, you are going to get a clear picture. That does not mean the subject will cooperate, it just means you will get a clear picture.

2013-04-28_12-06-55_508Tips for Taking a Picture in a Restaurant

  1. Take a test photo. No use pulling out your Smartphone if the room is just too dark.
  2. When I make a balloon figure, I like to say that this is one of the best balloon figures I have ever made. I am going to need a picture with it. Look at the child and ask, “Do you want to hold it for me?” This way the child knows they are going to be posing, and not just waving the balloon around while you try to get a good picture.
  3. Pose the picture. This picture is for you; make sure people, food, drinks, and games are out of the picture. Parents along with the child want a nice picture. So take a minute or two to get the best picture possible.
  4. Photoshop if needed. Professional photographers and ad agencies do it all the time. I have learned that there are some pictures which can be easily tweaked, while others…. just toss out. You will spend too much time and effort touching them up. If you really need the picture, recreate the object and take a picture under the proper lighting.

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